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I strive to provide health and wellness tools in an image-obsessed world where the external body is valued more than the vital internal workings.
— Monica Elena, owner of Holistic Heels


Meet Monica Elena.

Hi there! I'm a former international fashion model turned holistic nutritional practitioner and owner of Holistic Heels. I strongly believe that health is much more than the absence of disease; true health exists when nutrition is combined with authentic self-love, integrating all four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to create harmony and allow growth to become the best version of yourself. When I’m not doing one-on-one consultations or group workshops, you can likely find me in one of two places: experimenting in the kitchen without a recipe in sight, or walking the seawall in total bliss.



I had been modeling for over eight years and the passion and excitement I once had for my career was dwindling, as was my self-esteem. I was so fixated on my external body that I wasn’t giving my internal workings any love or attention. I delved into an eye-opening journey in holistic nutrition where I gained an invaluable understanding of what true health actually looked and felt like. The nutritional knowledge allowed for physical healing, but better yet, the authentic self-love allowed for a complete shift in mindset. I began listening to my body and making food decisions based on vitality and nourishment rather than body image alone. During this tremendous period of self-realization and a regain of passion and purpose, I absolutely knew that I needed to share my knowledge with others -- particularly after having met numerous individuals who had similar yet undeniably taboo struggles with food and body image but were lacking the continuous guidance to help overcome these blocks in life. It was then that Holistic Heels came to fruition.


Who are the services for?

Anyone who struggles in the slightest with body image, self-love, diet, or health. Whether you're a fashion model struggling to practice unconditional self-love in a tough industry, a middle-aged working professional looking for stress management techniques, or a university student looking for tasty ways to swap beer for protein smoothies, I can help. While my primary goal is to help women in the fashion industry achieve optimal health, I want to shift the way individuals and society view health, one individual at a time. 


Specialized in.


Disordered eating

Low energy/fatigue

Sleep hygiene

Diet improvement/nutritional deficiencies

Healthy, sustainable, weight loss

Plant-forward nutrition

Reducing food waste


Education and expertise.

Holistic Nutritional Practitioner

Edison Institute 

Institute of Holistic Nutrition 

One-on-one Services.

I know what it's like to feel lost in a world where there's an abundance of health and wellness information but no continuous health and lifestyle support that's specifically tailored for YOU and just YOU. One diet doesn't fit all, nor does one lifestyle fit all. I strongly believe that true health integrates nutrition with the alignment and harmony of all four bodies; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Let's work together on this harmonization so that you can get over whatever is stopping you from being the best possible version of yourself. 

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(15 minutes in person or on the phone)

Have any immediate questions, concerns, or specific goals in mind you want to chat about before we start your journey towards optimal health? This time is allotted for YOU -- so take advantage and ask away!

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1 lEAF - $210  

(60 minute initial consultation & 45 minute follow-up) 

Topics we discuss in the 60 minute initial consultation:

-Review of intake forms and food diary

-Current symptoms and concerns

-Personal heath goals

-Health history including stress load

-Diet and lifestyle

What to expect for the 45 minute follow-up:

-Customized plan geared towards your main concerns/goals, complete with easy recipe swaps, shopping tips, and therapeutic supplementation when applicable 

-Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that will get you on your way to becoming the best possible version of YOU

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5 LEAVES - $480

(60 minute initial consultation & 4 x 45 minute follow-ups)

This is the perfect package for clients looking for consistency for long-term goals.

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(12 x 45 minute follow-ups for a consecutive 4 months, maximum 1 follow-up per week)

This subscription-based package is ideal for the busy client looking to meet both short and long-term goals without having to worry about scheduling only in-person follow-ups; follow-ups via Skype and Facetime are honoured. Clients can book the follow-ups as freely as they wish; whether it be once a week or every other week. This package is set up to ensure maximum flexibility for health-conscious clients who travel or have busy day-to-day schedules.

It is advisable that all 12 follow-ups are used in the given timespan to ensure that clients reap the maximum benefits.

Ideal for clients looking for maximum flexibility

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THE WORKS - $520

(5 x 45 minute follow-ups, 1 x 60 minute pantry clean-up, 1 x 60 minute shopping tour)

This is the ideal package for clients looking for consistency to meet their long-term goals but want a little extra help with the fundamentals of healthy eating. The added kitchen clean-up is a little "spring cleaning" of all the unnecessary items that may be hindering your goals. During this session, we will also discuss unwanted additives, better food alternatives, organizational tips, and proper storage of items to enhance freshness and shelf life. The shopping tour consists of a guided walk around a local grocery store where you'll learn tips and tricks to shop on a budget while reducing food waste. Additionally, you'll learn how to properly read sneaky food labels. Handouts will be given out.

Ideal for clients looking for a little more


Group Services.

I get it; sometimes making a change all on your own can be intimidating or overwhelming, so why not organize a different kind of girls night? One that still includes bubbly and girl talk, but this time you're getting expert advice on a particular topic. Or perhaps you want to capture a larger audience -- you're a teacher at a school and often see body-shaming and you want to instill self-love principles. Contact me and let's chat about the endless possibilities, some of which include:

-Group workshops

-Holiday office workshops

-Corporate lunch and learns

-School/institutional presentations


I am dedicated to modeling for companies that use raw photos void of Photoshop or editing further than lighting and contrast to authentically and purposefully send out impactful messages. If you mirror these values, I would love for you to get in touch.

Upcoming Events.

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"Monica’s findings and recommendations have, quite literally, changed my life. This was not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; instead, Monica made specific recommendations based on the results from her comprehensive analysis that have dramatically increased my energy levels and set me on a path to achieving my health and nutrition goals. From the first meeting, Monica’s knowledge and likeability immediately set me at ease. It has been a pleasure to have her as a guide on this journey towards the best version of myself. I cannot recommend Monica’s services enough!"

-A. Burton


"Monica has a vast amount of knowledge that connects all aspects of one’s well-being. After my first consultation with Monica, she had pinpointed areas of my diet and lifestyle that were directly correlated to other issues I had that I never even considered to be contributing to the problems. She provides you with the tools and recommendations to learn and grow into a healthier, happier individual."

-S. Ray


"Monica is very good at giving authentic tools for practicing self-love; tools that every man and woman should be aware of if they are looking for growth and balance. I took away valuable examples that have allowed me to be more connected with myself."

-D. Herrera


"When I started my first consultation with Monica I had low energy, high stress, and was definitely not feeling my best. After a thorough and extremely detailed analysis of every single aspect of my health, she was able to give me personalized advice and coach me to get me started in the right direction to improve my overall well-being. The changes she has helped me make in my life are astounding; her expertise has allowed me to improve my health in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I highly recommend meeting with Monica - I am so glad I did!" 

-C. Jonsson