Biggest Health Trends in 2018


Say goodbye to unicorn frappuccinos and activated charcoal ice-cream, and hello to root-to-stem eating and the art of single-tasking. I've curated a list of the top health trends expected to make a hit in 2018 for good reason; this is more than just a list of Instagram-worthy meals and new superfoods! 

1. 'Root-to-Stem" Eating -- Finally a health trend that is less about buying a cartload of new products and more about using what you have. This surely deserves the number one spot in my books! The idea is pretty self-explanatory: 'using the entirety of the vegetable or animal so as to minimize food waste as much as possible'. Think carrot tops for pesto, animal bones for broth, leftover nut pulp from nut mylk for dehydrated crackers. This trend makes me so happy it makes my heart skip a beat!

2. Middle Eastern Flavours -- This has likely stemmed from the hype around turmeric in the last few years, and I'm sure staying onboard! Turmeric has incredible properties such as anti-inflammatory abilities, boosting your body’s defence system, promoting gut health, and easing joint pain. Among turmeric, expect to see harissa, cardamon, tahini, and za'atar popping up on menus everywhere. 

3. CBD-Infused Items -- Considering Canada-wide legalization is coming this summer, we can expect to see companies turning to the addition of marijuana's naturally occurring constituent, CBD oil, in products like lip balm, chocolate, tea, and body oil to name a few. Advantages of the oil have already been seen in epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. This is going to catch fire -- quick! 

4. Re-Learning the Art of Single-Tasking -- The last few years have been more about the hustle and the fast-paced lifestyle and less about slowing down and really getting in tune with your body. This can wear on the body and mind, not to mention the stress that comes along with saying "yes" to everything. Re-learning the art of single-tasking will allow for more presence in your life. You'll feel more calm and less frantic and will likely be more focused and productive in return -- so maybe turn off that podcast on your daily walk and instead quiet the mind and be fully present in that single task. You'll thank me later. 

5. Medicinal Food -- Adaptogenic mushroom powders, immune-boosting elixirs, herbal blends to support the reproductive system, dried seaweed for thyroid assistance; you've likely seen a few of these shelved at your local grocery stores. Well, expect to see more in 2018 as we aim to heal and regenerate our bodies from the very core!

6. Self-Love -- In a world where social media is at our fingertips each and every second of the day, it's incredibly easy to play the comparison game and get down on yourself. Self-worth shouldn’t be dependent on a comparison to others; comparing your behind-the-scenes with other's highlight reels can create shaky foundations for both self-esteem and healthy and happy relationships. Instead, focus more on yourself and less on others, and compete less and appreciate more.

7. Intuitive Eating -- You may scour the internet in search of the meaning of intuitive eating and get overwhelmed with the unnecessarily overcomplicated definitions and explanations-- but fear not, it's actually very simple. Intuitive eating simply means listening to your body and eating like a normal human being, cravings and all. Leave the diet mentality behind with the year 2017. Let go of strict calorie counting and deprivation, and instead make peace with food. Give yourself unconditional permission to eat and fully enjoy. On a more personal note, intuitive eating drastically helped heal me after years of disordered eating, so I've largely incorporated it into my practice with Holistic Heels. I stand behind this health trend 100 percent!

Do any of these health trends appeal to you? I'd love to hear your comments below!

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Peace, self-love, and kale,

Monica Elena