My Thoughts on Juice Cleanses


This topic is quite an elaborate one for me.

To be quite honest, I have a bit of a dysfunctional like-dislike relationship with juice cleanses. I recognize that my feelings of dislike partially stem from years of disordered eating in the modeling world where my life revolved around restrictions, rules, and a mental list of "good and bad food", but as a holistic nutritionist I know how beneficial juice cleanses are as a way to allow the body to rest and repair while getting optimal nutrients from organic produce. (I've bolded organic because when doing a cleanse that only allows vitamins and minerals from a simple method of extraction, it's incredibly crucial to make sure you get the cream of the crop, if you will!)

When clients ask me if they should go on a juice cleanse, I always ask them "What are your intentions for this cleanse?" If your intentions are for ultimate health reasons like resting your digestive system or getting in quality nutrients on the go as opposed to sole intentions of weight loss, then I say go for it! But it's important to dig deep and find out the real reasons for this cleanse. 

Keep in mind, juice cleanses aren't for everyone. For those who have suffered from disordered eating, I wouldn't recommend cleanses longer than a day or two because they can be restricting and may trigger some old thoughts and habits. I myself stick to a day or two of liquid cleanses and make sure to incorporate bone broth and nut mylks to get some added nutrients and warmth whilst still resting my body. I also find that liquid cleanses are better suited for me during warmer months, so I stick to spring or summer for a little cleanup. On the other hand, I've had clients who simply aren't good in the grey zone, so juice cleanses are a good way to kick-start healthy habits!

Lastly, cleanses come with a lot of unnecessary food waste. Everything is stripped of the produce, often leaving the pulp in the garbage. I juice my fruit and vegetables separately (yes this is more time-consuming but I see value in it) and then use the leftover vegetable pulp for soup and fruit pulp for smoothies or baking. Tip for the budget-friendly and conscious consumer! 

Remember, you're completely unique. With Holistic Heels I see clients as completely separate entities -- no two clients are the same. Do what feels right for you!

What are your thoughts and feelings on juice cleanses? Let me know below!


Peace, self-love, and kale,

Monica Elena