Happy New Year Everybody!


2018 is here! Are you going to make it the best possible year you've had thus far? Are you going to strive to be the best possible version of yourself?

New years come with new goals and intentions, and January is often a power month filled with demanding gym workouts, strict meal plans, and pledges to work harder and smarter -- but do you also incorporate resolutions to slow down, get in tune with your body, practice self-love, and say "no" more often? Take a second to think about that. 

Thought about it? Awesome -- you're on a roll!

A popular question I get from clients is "When is the perfect time for setting goals?" In short, there is no right or wrong time. I say, start today! What's stopping you? I find that winter is for reflection, introspection, goal setting, little socialization, and early nights, while early spring is much better suited for implementation and action. Today start by digging inward and reflecting on the past year -- what areas of your life are unbalanced and need more attention and nurturing? Need help? I got you!

I've created an infographic for a holistic approach to meaningful resolutions that is less about vigorously working out or achieving a certain income, and more about looking within and slowing down in this hyper fast-paced society -- and because this is my first ever blog post, I wanted to share it with you for FREE! 

I hope this gives you a fresh perspective on setting goals and resolutions -- especially if you're feeling rushed or overwhelmed. 

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Peace, self-love, and kale,

Monica Elena

holistic intentions for the new year.png