How to Make Homemade Almond Mylk


If you've perused health blogs and Instagram posts lately, you've probably noticed an abundance of talk about plant-based nut mylks. You may have even purchased a few conventional varieties at grocery stores and weren't convinced with the cardboard-like taste. #truth. Perhaps you decided to fork over a few extra bills and buy a nice shiny bottle from your local cold-pressed juice store, but shuddered when the total came up on the cashier's till. #truthx2        If you're nodding while reading this, then this is the blog post for you!

I want to show people that making your own plant-based mylk is super easy -- and that it's a great effortless wind down ritual before bed! Aside from the soaking of the almonds (or whatever other nut or seed you use), the preparation requires 10-15 minutes max -- and the cleanup requires a wash of 2-3 dishes (unless you're blessed with a dishwasher.) 10-15 minutes max?! That's impressive! That being said, if you don't see the value in making your own almond mylk and prefer to buy it from a local grocer, I think that's a better option than having conventional cow's milk.

Why? Plant-based mylks are indeed worth the hype for a reason; they're full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, and a fantastic alternative to cow's milk especially for those that are lactose or casein intolerant. And better yet, by making them in the very comfort of your kitchen, you can reap these benefits:

1. Control of ingredients -- You are in control of the quality of your plant-based mylk based on the ingredients you use. Perhaps you see value in organic whole almonds vs processed almond flavouring? Not to mention, most store-bought mylks are full of synthetic preservatives that can be very irritating for the stomach and can cause digestive issues. You control what's going in!

2. Zero refined sugar -- If you want to add a sweetness to your mylk, you can simply add natural sweetening agents that are also nutritious such as dates, maple syrup or vanilla bean instead of the commonly found added refined sugars in conventional plant-based mylks.

3. Zero palm oil -- Some conventional plant-based mylks that you typically find in the grocery stores add palm oil to stabilize the product and create a smooth consistency. Palm oil is detrimental to the environment and questions many ethical issues on a global scale. You can read more about this on one of my latest blog posts here.  If you want to make your plant-based mylk smoother and creamier, try adjusting your ratio of nut/seed/grain to water or adding soaked cashews into the mix! See recipe below.

4. Creaminess factor is up to you! -- The nut/seed/grain to water ratio is all up to you, meaning that if you desire an ultra creamy mylk for your morning matcha latte, you simply increase the amount of nut/seed/grain and use less water. If you like thinner mylks, add more water. Simple. Say goodbye to watery, tasteless, store-bought varieties!

5. Zero waste -- You can bottle your finished product in whatever you choose- reducing unnecessary paper and plastic waste. I like to use leftover kombucha bottles and beer growlers. You can also use the leftover pulp for future baking or cooking -- reducing unnecessary food waste. BAM! I'll make sure to write a post about this one soon!

Enough talk. Let's get to the recipe!


Homemade Almond Mylk

Makes 3-4 cups



  • 1 cup raw almonds, soaked in water for ~12 hours

  • 3 cups water

  • Pinch of sea salt (optional, but brings out flavour and acts as natural preservative)



  1. Drain water from soaked almonds and rinse.
  2. Place all ingredients in blender and blend until fully liquified. (I use a Vitamix and blend for approx 1 minute)
  3. Strain the liquid with a nut mylk bag.
  4. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. (I use leftover kombucha bottles and beer growlers) 


***I like my mylks super creamy and silky, so I usually use this nut to water ratio, but to be honest I'm not a huge fan of measuring so I kind of just guesstimate! Go by your tastebuds!***

***You can get fancy with your almond mylk by adding these single ingredients (or a combo of them!): dates, maple syrup, vanilla extract, vanilla bean, freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon, lavender, turmeric, spirulina, steel cut oats.***

***The shelf-life depends on your ratio of nuts to water as well as the temperature of your fridge. My mylks usually last 3-4 days in the fridge -- if even that long ... nom nom nom!***

Did you like this recipe? Let me know below! Share your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #holisticheels to inspire others to make their own plant-based mylks!


Peace, self-love, and kale,

Monica Elena